Magic Stix! Why are they so great?

Have you heard of Magic Stix? If not, these are a MUST try! Used by many Occupational Therapists and educators alike – these are an excellent tool for your child! They’re made of wax so they are easily bendable and can be molded into any shape. They can be utilized in so many ways! Not to mention, they come in many colours and are so fun to bend and play with. Occupational Therapists may use Magic Stix to support pencil grips for writing! That’s right – just wrap them around the pencil or writing tool of choice and see how much your child’s grip improves along with their written letters. 


Magic stix from Sensa also support fine motor skills by making shapes and molding the wax into objects. This also triggers our creative thinking and problem solving! Educators may use this tool to promote colouring in the lines or tracing. Try this – get a piece of paper and some colourful markers or crayons. Then, make a shape with the Magic Stix on the paper (make sure it is sticking to the paper) and get your child to practice colouring in the lines. We can also use this to teach tracing letters, numbers, shapes and other objects! 


Another benefit to the Magic Stix is that they can also serve as a replacement for other fidget toys that promote fine motor development. Magic Stix offer the same if not similar satisfaction like a fidget toy does! Children can fidget, bend and play with Sensa Magic Stix for extended periods of time. All in all – you really can’t go wrong with this tool. It’s fun, flexible and provides just the right amount of sensory stimulation for those who like to fidget.

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