I want more BUBBLES!

Bubbles have so many benefits that we don’t even realize sometimes! Did you know that by blowing bubbles we have the ability to strengthen certain muscles that not only produce but sustain speech? Bubbles encourage language development in so many ways!


One of the most common methods of speech development via bubbles is by teaching lip rounding to produce specific speech sounds. A common sentence that can be taught while having fun blowing bubbles is “ I want MORE bubbles!” We can work with and practice “wa” “ooh” and “oh” sounds while blowing bubbles. 


Behavioural and speech therapists, as well as parents and educators, can teach turn taking through the use of bubbles. For example, “First I blow the bubbles, then its your turn!” If you think thats the secret to teaching with bubbles, you are wrong! Let’s reveal one more and it’s one of the most important – teaching MANDING with bubbles. What is manding, you ask? If your child is highly motivated by bubbles (watching, playing or popping them), then they will likely be more motivated to request for bubbles or MORE bubbles to have the opportunity to engage in this highly reinforcing activity. SO, if your child has the ability to request (mand) for more bubbles or “I want to play with bubbles” in whatever mode of communication they prefer, encourage them to request bubble FIRST before giving them the bubbles of fun.

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